Shelly Crane Significance Failed to Raise Goal of $200,000 for Pilot from Fans. Shelly Crane raised only $1212 For Significance Pilot

It is a disappointment to see Shelly Crane’s Significance pilot failed to raise $200,000 just to film the pilot.  Only a little over $1000 was raised.  Shelly Crane and producer Emily Gossett blamed the fans.

Despite Shelly Crane being a New York Times author of another book in a different genre, Shelly Crane failed to gain her fans’ support for Significance.

The budget for Significance to be made into a film or television show is set at $25 million, but Shelly Crane could not pull in her fans to pay for the pilot.

Instead of appeasing her fans with more books, Shelly Crane claimed she had a tumor and major health problems which kept her from writing. However, she was able to make it to many signing events to party it up with her author friends following her discovery of her health problems.

If there is someone to blame for the failure of the Significance, it is Shelly Crane and Emily Gossett, the producer.

See other books crowdfunding failures here. These authors and their people have an attitude of disrespect for their readers.  We are tired of their attitudes and arrogance.  That is why we refuse to fund their crowdfunding campaigns.   Readers should be extra careful about these authors and their attempts to squeeze money out of their readers further.

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