Significance Film or TV Show or TV Movie or YouTube Series Cancelled due to Fraud and Theft

Straight from Co-producer Candace Charee’s mouth, the Significance Film or TV Show or TV Movie or YouTube series is CANCELLED!!!!

In a drama more interesting than Significance to Shelly Crane’s fans, who only raised a little over $1000 to fail to film the pilot in the worst failure on Indiegogo, Candace Charee was ousted from the project illegally when Emily Gossett signed an illegal agreement with Author Shelly Crane to produce Significance without Candace Charee, who owns the rights to Significance.

A long time friend of Candace, Shelly Crane stabbed Candace in the back for her own greed.  Shelly Crane has once said in a forum how she went into writing just for the money.

Now Shelly Crane and Emily Gossett (now called Emily Sky.  She has changed her name twice since this post.  She has changed the name of her production company to Blondie Films. She is still on Facebook asking Shelly Crane’s fans and the book community for money.  Does this make sense for a production company who had boast to actors and crew they had over $25 million for the Significance movie? One lie after another) has spent the money for the film and left Candace Charee holding the bag with thousands of dollars in debt.

Not  only did they lied to Candace Charee, but they lied to the actors who thought there was $25 million for the Significance Film or TV show.

They lied to the fans, while they kept asking for money from Shelly Crane’s fans through Facebook over and over again for money for shopping trips, money for the trailer, money for miscellaneous things.  Their investors, if they had any which was doubtful, had pulled out.

Significance Film Shelly Crane Cancelled


Significance Film Shelly Crane Cancelled 2 - Copy


Significance Film Shelly Crane Cancelled 3 - Copy




So according to Candace, Shelly Crane’s Significance is cancelled. Even if it isn’t, I wouldn’t watch it or support Shelly Crane.  Many of us readers feel duped by her and her backstabbing of Candace.